TUX... The Wunderkind!

Wunderkind (wonder child), aka Tux, is a magnificent, black Weltmeyer offspring, out of the legendary Hanovarian stallion Windfall and a beautiful Thoroughbred mare, La Bonita, who was quite a successful racehorse. I am privileged to have had this horse in my life since he was two and a half years old (and quite a handful!). With the loving support and help of some very wonderful friends, have I been able to call this gorgeous horse my own for the last few years.

Tux is my dream horse, my soul mate. A late bloomer, a joker, a talented, independent, sensitive character, a playful, powerful mover, a wise teacher and a gifted student, a true wonder child. Born on April 15, 2003, he has taken his time to develop, requiring lots of space, attention and special care to blossom into his 18 (plus)-hand frame.

Tux and I are enjoying a wonderful journey together much of which has been spent doing groundwork and Dressage, carefully conditioning his very tall, athletic body type, his precocious mind and his big heart. There is not a day when I am not absolutely in awe of how much this horse gives of himself. He is poetry in motion, air-borne, in a good way! :) Channeling this enormous energy in the ways Dressage allows us to express ourselves is a daily adventure and an absolute thrill. Tux's soulful eyes are as deep as the ocean. His yawning mouth and stretched-out neck after tossing over yet another bucket (filled with water, feed or manure, anything that spills nicely!) speaks of his bottomless confidence: He can't do wrong, ever. He makes me smile when I wake up and fall asleep with gratitude.

Special Thanks go to our friends and supporters: Robin Andrisen, Tom Baldwin, Kris Birdsall, Michael Buenger, Rob Clay, Patty Dedrick DVM, Rhodie & Ken Johnson, Sue Krauer, Carter Judy, DVM, Rafael Martinez, James Miles, Olaf Moeller, Lindsey Reed, Mark Rick DVM, Pummel  & Uwe Schroeder, Karin & Claus Schwartzkopf, Karen Slayton, Martha Beck and Karen Gerdes. Extra-special thanks and credit to Tom Baldwin for the beautiful photos.

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