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Combining classical dressage with natural horsemanship, Katja offers her her expertise to a wide range of riders and horses from all types of backgrounds. From 3-day-eventers wanting to improve their Dressage skills to seasoned riders who would like to know more about the ‘art and anatomy’ of dressage, adult riders getting back into the saddle and those who are not acquainted with dressage at all yet, young horses, older horses, horses/riders with ‘issues’--everyone is welcome.


Training programs, specifically set up for the individual rider's and horse's needs, include ground manners, long-lining, free-schooling, lessons along classical dressage principles, physical strength training for correct muscle building, gently reshaping undesirable behavioral patterns, mental and physical rehab, trauma treatments, handling untouchable horses (mustangs / wild horses), as well as guiding owners towards a continuously happy and successful relationship with their horses.

In one-on-one sessions or during clinics, lectures and demonstrations, Katja also offers to broaden the horse owner's educational horizon. Horse lovers of all backgrounds and levels may enjoy learning more about the following subject matters:

-- The Nature of the Horse and how it relates to today's use of the horse: Learn how to identify your horse's reactions and how to turn his constant search for clear direction into a mutually satisfying experience.

-- The Horse's Physiology: Learn about the horse's physical components and how to build an athletic partner with whom you will enjoy each new level of performance.

-- The Horse's Psychology: Learn how to understand your horse's decision making process and how you can become a more trustworthy leader and gentle partner for your horse.

-- The Rider's Physiology: Learn how to feel yourself and how to feel your horse so that you can truly apply the principles of classical dressage in the most productive and successful manner.

-- The Rider's Psychology: Learn how your mind-set and thought processes can influence your horse's reactions, build his confidence, enable him to enjoy the learning process and lead you both to continuous growth.

-- Feeling and Processing Direction: Learn about the importance of a trust-based relationship between horse and rider, rider and instructor, as well as rider and horse and instructor.  Have fun, end on a good note, and ride with a smile on your face. Your horse will thank you.

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"Riding is a quest, not a conquest. It is a quest for perfection, which if it is properly defined in the rider's mind, cannot be achieved. 
The rider rests with that thought, knowing that the quest for perfection brings its own glories."
~ Charles de Kunffy

"Nobody has the right to say, 'you must or I'll hurt you.' "
~ Monty Roberts, USA
"I have time."
~ Colonel Alois Podhajsky,
(1898-1973), former head of
Spanish Riding School, 
Vienna, Austria