Clinics & Workshops

Would you like to host a clinic or a workshop?

Katja Elk is available for Dressage & Horsemanship clinics, seminars and private coaching weekends as well as for Awareness workshops integrating horse and human dynamics (see also Life-coaching). 

Dressage & Horsemanship Clinics:

Katja provides insight into the complex inner workings of the horse’s psychology and his natural response system so that you can communicate more clearly and more effectively with your equine partner on the ground and under saddle. Riders of all backgrounds and horses of all breeds, ages and levels of development are welcome. 

Please take a look at varying clinic formats to see what type of clinic might be interesting for you and your group of riders:

• Dressage & Horsemanship 1.0.1.
• The Dressage Aid System
• Refine Your Aid System
• Pressure and Release in Dressage
• Nervous Rider – Spooky Horse
• Introduction to Longlining 
• Advanced Longlining
• Private Coaching Weekend
• Energy Awareness & Presence Training

For more information please ask for promotional materials such as flyer templates and registration forms for each clinic that can be customized for each event and organizer ahead of time. You might also like to ask about custom-tailored learning events specific to your needs and wishes.

Awareness Workshops and Clinics

During her Awareness clinics and workshops Katja combines lectures and live horse demonstrations of horse-to-horse and horse-to-human communications to illustrate human-to-human as well as human-to-horse dynamics. 

Awareness workshops are equine-assisted, educational events promoting personal growth and self-discovery within families, corporations and other group settings.

Awareness clinics are geared toward the active riding community and can be custom tailored to specific subject matters for professional or private groups.

For more information and clinic fees please contact Katja Elk at

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